phase 4

Ayanna Kindell





In the course I have completed multiple assignments that have aided in my writing skills. I was a very simple writer. only doing the bare minimum because I didn’t fully understand the criteria or couldn’t see the other side. My writing has become a way of communicating my thoughts, the same way the authors i wrote about used their power to write as a tool to bring awareness to a topic that was bothering them. I used “[rhetorical situations, my annotations from previous prompt,  past homeworks, and videos]” I analyzed in and out of class. 

The first valuable thing I learned was charting quotes. I had to write a meaningful quote, something that stood out to me, and explain what it means and why i  felt like this particular quote was important.[ I remember doing Amy Tan. On page 8 she explain feeling embarrassed because her mother did not speak english to her standards, thus making her not wanting her mothers attached to her. ] The rhetorical situation that stood out to me the most was with Anzaldua. She seemed to be the most relatable author. That was because i could get the needed academic help..  Develop strategies for reading, drafting, revising, and editing.  That was the 3rd course learning outcome. I believe i reached this outcome because I made several drafts for each essay and each got better with peer review and with other students and conferences with my teachers. 

conclusion: in the past 5 months, my reading,writing, and analysis skills have been improved to new heights. I can fully grasp the prints and revise and all of my work. [With the help of my peers and professors I can accomplish better work with each draft.}

The first phase was about creativity. I was told to write about a linguistic moment in life that impacted me greatly. I chose to write about a moment in elementary school when i was chosen to go to Vassar College. The assignment alone reminded me about my love for english. With that assignment i was reaching the first course outcome. I was made aware of the power of languages and the people who use it. In that case the people who judged me thought u was a perfect example of linguistic strategies. 

One assignment I used to analyze for a rhetorical situation was an assignment that we bread in class.  it was an Amy Tan prompt called mother tongue. Everyone in the class including me had the same idea, the idea being that Amy projected her feelings accurately with her style of writing. She used a certain tone to display how she really felt. This left the entire class feeling sentimental because we can all relate to feeling embarrassed by our parents, but hers was a deeper level because it was something as simple as her mother is dialect. I used her in my essays, my best example being my phase 3 essay and how I spoke about the effects children  feel when their dialect is studied. I believe I explored my and others Variety in genres in writing style, because I listen to my peers and their Outlooks, I improved mine, and channeled it into several essays to make the best possible research essay I could. 

Phase 2 was about making an argumentative essay using multiple resources. One of these resources had to be a peer-reviewed paper. We went to the library several times I’m looking for credible resources, spending time on  developing our skills in finding the liable sources, and editing and revising our drafts. I believe I achieved the second course outcome. I successfully develop strategies in Reading drafting, editing and revising. After every class my professors taught me how to correctly cite a paper in MLA format to give authors credit for their work. I also learned how to  practice systematic applications of citation conventions.  

In phase 3 was my Critical Analysis Essay about language discrimination in school and its effect on children. The course outcome I believe I achieved the most was understanding and using print and digital technologies to address a range of audiences.  I spent a lot of time researching sources to help with my argument. The best examples came from examples like social media instead of news articles. I was also able to achieve the last course outcome. That was to locate research sources like academic articles, research databases and evaluate them for credibility. Many were not great and a lot were too short. I emailed my Miller many times trying to find the best source and she has helped. 

I believe i fully reached the course outcome of developing and engaging in the social collaborative process in writing. Every day in FIQWS i was tasked with peer review of review articles with teachers with hopes of bettering my own work. We watch videos a passed out writings form past studies to view as examples.  This helped me improve this certain course I come because I constantly getting feedback and improving in the things I lacked him. Of course I never mastered it but this class has taught me how to take feedback and incorporated into my essay

A few course outcomes i feel like i did not achieve and some i feel like i did not fully get the chance to grasp it. Even though I have achieved them all i still feel like i struggle with finding good sourced for my essays.  I did print my sources, highlighted, and annotated my sources to get the most information for my essays .As i said before i was emailing my professor back and forth. I still cant find great ones. I would write about the article and then the article doesn’t work well with my others. Another outcome i believe i struggled with was recognizing rhetoric terms and strategies. There were many rhetorical ideas that confused me and I couldn’t fully grasp them.

“Recognize the role of language attitudes and standards in empowering, oppressing, and hierarchizing languages and their users .” This course I’ll come was very prevalent in my learning because I continuously so how language attitude and standards of pressed or Empower its users. It was very easy to write about because I was always into social and justices and one social injustice related to linguistic skills and the way that people are viewed  based on their skills. Like previously mentioned my essay on Rachel jeantel was about the way she was you because of her complications with english. in class I was able to improve my scale recognizing the role of language attitudes because I constantly research discrimination against African American men, women and children and Formulated an essay appropriate to my findings.

I believe I have completed the course outcomes to the best of my abilities.Throughout each phase I was able to groom my skills and abilities and my Outlook on life and other linguistic aspects in life. Thank You!

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